Aluminum Clad Sill
Heavy extruded aluminum over wood that provides a long lasting, weatherproof sill for Entry Doors.

A colourless, odourless, non-flammable, non-reactive, inert gas which acts as an insulator between the panes of glass in a sealed unit.

The center member of a double door, which is attached to the fixed or inactive door panel.

Backset or B.S. (Lock): 

The distance from the edge of a door to the center of the hole drilled for a lockset or deadbolt.

A molding used on an exterior door, typically applied to prehung units, put on the outside of the frame as a stop, or to hide brick, siding, stucco or concrete.

Camlocks aka Sashlocks
Locks sash to frame for air tightness and security. (One or two per casement, depending on height; two per awning).

A sealant used to seal construction joints, in order to prevent water and air infiltration.

An aluminum material locked to the outside faces of many products to provide a durable, low-maintenance exterior surface.

Composite Jamb

Synthetic material (non-wood) that resists moisture and is less prone to warping.

Cutout (Door)

A piercing for Door lite for a glass

Dental Shelf

Decorative ledge installed on the exterior of the door slab on a Craftsman style door.

Door frame

Finger joint pine Wood, Vinyl wrap, or composite, jamb parts and sill assembled to form a frame for a door slab.


An insulating glass unit installed into a door slab.

Dual Pane
An insulated glass unit consisting of two panes of glass held together by a sealant and a space


Energy Rating

A value demonstrating a window or doors balance between U-factor, SHGC and air leakage. The higher the number, the more efficient the product.

Energy Star

A voluntary partnership between the Government of Canada and industry to promote energy efficiency. For windows and doors, Canada is divided into three zones.


Refers to the small, rectangle shaped price of that surrounds the door latch on the edge of the door.  Typically these are 1 1/8″ x 2 1/4″ in size


A series of fingers machined into the ends of two pieces of lumber to be joined together. They are then held firmly in position by adhesive. Finger jointed wood is very strong and has a lesser chance of warping than does a clear piece of wood the same length.

Flushbolts and Astragal
Where a double door is desired that will have no restricting post when both doors are open. This movable, weather-stripped post is attached to one door and locked to the head and sill with flush bolts.

Full Glass Sidelite

Sidelite where the insulating glass directly glazed into the door frame providing maximum glass. Also referred to as a full lite sidelite.

French Door

Double door combination with both door slabs operating with and astragal and flushbolts allowing for a wide opening.

Garden Door
Double door with one panel operates as a door while the other panel opens venting window-style and comes complete with screen.

Grilles (Muntin bars)
Dividing bars or muntins, used either on the surface or between panes of glass for a decorative appearance.

Half Round Window
True half round where the arch comes right down to the sill. The height is half the width.

Handicap Sill

Low profile aluminum door sill providing wheelchair accessibility.

Insulated Glass Unit (IG or IGU)
A combination of two or more panes of glass factory sealed using a spacer bar. Also known as a sealed unit.

Integral Nailing Fin
A prepunched fin that is part of the extrusion which allows for easy installation.


Door designation meaning the door slab swings into the home.

Single pane of glass or Used to describe the area of glass divided by grilles.

Low-E Glass
A type of glass consisting of a low emissivity coating on one side. A low emissivity coating significantly reduces heat loss in glazing combinations

A slot or rectangular cavity cut into a piece of wood to receive another part.


Vertical or horizontal element that forms a division between the units of a window or door.


Abbreviation for National Association of Fenestration Standards / Specifications that regulates window and door performance rating.

Non Removable Pin Hinge (NRP)

A hinge with a set screw in its barrel; to prevent the removing of hinge pin. Set screw is not accessible when door is closed. Used with outswinging exterior doors.

Obscure Glass

Patterned glass that provides additional privacy. Also known as privacy glass.

Refers to a door or a window that has an operable sash or panel that opens to allow passage or ventilation.

OSM of frame (Outside measurement)

The outside measurement of the door frame from one end to the other end in width.

Also the outside measurement of the top door frame to the bottom of the sill.

OSM of Brickmould (Outside measurement)

The outside measurement of the brickmould from one end to the other end in width.

Also the outside measurement of the top brickmould to the bottom of the sill.


Door designation meaning the door slab swings outward, away from the home.

Polyurethane Core
Doors are foam injected for high insulating value – R15

A term used to express the insulating values of a material or unit. A higher R-value results in a better insulating properties. R-value is the inverse of the materials U-value. (R=1/U).

Rough Opening
The opening built into a frame wall to receive a window or door unit.

Saw Kerfed Frame

Frame that is formed with an integral pocket or recess in the area of the stop to receive gasket or seals.  Typically in Residential applications

Sealed Unit
A combination of two or more panes of glass factory sealed using a spacer bar. Also known as a insulating glass unit (IGU).


When a door must close on it’s own, with the assistance of closing hardware. Properly installed door closers or spring hinges will make a door self-closing. Self-closing doors are required for fire rated openings.

A narrow fixed or operating unit joined to the side of a door frame combination.

The bottom component of a door or window frame

Simulated Dividing Lites (SDL)
A decorative bar mounted on the exterior and interior of a sealed unit to provide the visual affect of dividing the glass into smaller units.

Slimeline Brickmould

 Aluminum door brickmould with nail fin/flange communing used for new build applications and renovations.

Strike plate

A metal piece attached to the door jamb. As the door closes, the latch mechanism strikes the plate mounted to the jamb and the strike plate catches the mechanism and holds the door closed. Strike plates are generally the same finish as the door knob set and mount to the jamb with screws provided.


Weatherstrip mounted to the bottom of a door slab that provide the seal to the door sill.

Tempered Glass

Safety glass processed by controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength compared with normal glass.

A window unit combined to the top of a window or door frame.

A sealed unit consisting of three panes of glass separated with two spacer bars.

A measurement of heat transmission (see R-Value.)

A material used to create an air or water seal between operating components of a window or door.