Exterior Frames

WSI carries Wood, Vinyl Wrapped, Aluminum Cladded and PVC Composite jamb materials in various jamb sizes. We can make a frame to fit your door or provide you a complete prehung unit. Contact us for more info.

The frame (sometimes called a jamb) is made up of three separate pieces and surrounds the door creating a “frame” in which the door can sit. The two vertical frames are called side jambs, and the horizontal frame is referred to as the head jamb. Frames are made up of (FJP) finger joint pine, FJP with white vinyl wrap, FJP with metal aluminum cladding and Full PVC composite material.

FJP with white vinyl wrap, FJP with metal aluminum cladding, and PVC Composite frames are best suited for all exposure types as they protect from the exterior elements and are maintenance free.

(FJP) finger joint pine prime

Finger joint pine prime jamb is double primed for quality performance and ease of painting.
This is the most common frame/jamb type we use on all of our residential units.
Stock size are 4 9/16”, 6 9/16”, and 9”. Customer sizes are also available.

FJP White Vinyl wrap

FJP White vinyl wrap jamb is the standard wood jamb that is wrapped with a white pvc vinyl.
This tough exterior vinyl is totally maintenance free
Using exterior rated waterproof adhesive technology, severe weather and moisture is not a problem. Complete protection is assured having been tested in the most extreme climatic conditions.
Vinyl will not fade, chalk or deteriorate if left untreated. Paintable, our wrapped jambs will resist cracking, wicking and insect damage.
Sizes available are 4 9/16” and 6 9/16”.

FJP with metal aluminum cladding

FJP White vinyl wrap jamb is the standard wood jamb that is wrapped with a metal aluminum cladding. Innovative design ensures cladding can expand and contract without buckling.
This is a cost efficient option to give your jamb protection and allow them to be maintenance free.
Metal aluminum cladding allows us to wrap any custom size jamb.
Stock colors are White, Black, and Chocolate brown.

PVC Composite frames

This solid, low-maintenance option is durable and resistant to moisture, rot and insects. Test results show very little warping, expansion and splitting. Maintenance-free smooth white or woodgrain composite offers all the strength and convenience of wood with enhanced properties, providing a moisture and damage resistant product suited for the Canadian climate. These PVC Jambs can be painted or stained to your requirements.
Sizes available are 4 9/16” and 6 9/16”.


Brickmold is used as casing around exterior doors. It is molding around the door frames that abuts the exterior facing material of the building and serves as an aesthetic boundary between the siding and the frame. It is also known as trim and casing. Brickmold can be made of different materials: finger joint pine, composite vinyl or Aluminum slimline nail fin. The key differences between material are the cost and the durability.

Aluminum slimline nail fin

Our Aluminum slimline brickmould includes an integrated nail fin flange which allows to screw onto the exterior sheathing so that the siding or stucco can go over top of it. This flange is almost always used when the door unit is going into a new opening, but it is also used frequently in replacement applications.